Class FolderInfo

FolderInfo class

Represents information about personal folder in PST.

public sealed class FolderInfo


FolderInfo()Initializes a new instance of the FolderInfo class.


ContainerClass { get; }Gets container class of the folder object.
ContentCount { get; }Gets the total number of items in the folder.
ContentUnreadCount { get; }Gets the number of unread items in the folder.
DisplayName { get; }Gets the display name of folder.
EntryId { get; }Gets the entry ID.
EntryIdString { get; }Gets string representation of entry ID.
HasSubFolders { get; }Gets a value indicating whether the Folder object has any subfolders.
LastModificationTime { get; }Gets the last modification time.
Properties { get; }Gets the folder properties.


AddFile(string, string)Adds a file into pst folder.
AddMapiMessageItem(IMapiMessageItem)Adds the IMapiMessageItem object into folder.
AddMessage(MapiMessage)Adds a new message into folder.
AddMessages(IEnumerable<MapiMessage>)Provides message adding in a bulk mode.
AddSubFolder(string)Adds the new sub-folder.
AddSubFolder(string, bool)Adds the new sub-folder.
AddSubFolder(string, FolderCreationOptions)Adds a subfolder with the specified name to the current folder using the provided creation options.
AddSubFolder(string, string)Adds the new subfolder.
ChangeContainerClass(string)Changes the container class.
ChangeDisplayName(string)Changes the display name.
ChangeMessages(MapiPropertyCollection)Changes all messages in folder.
ChangeMessages(IEnumerable<string>, MapiPropertyCollection)Changes the messages in folder.
DeleteChildItem(byte[])Deletes the item (folder or message) by it’s entryId.
DeleteChildItems(IEnumerable<string>)Deletes the child messages.
EnumerateFolders()Exposes the enumerator, which supports an iteration of subfolders in folder.
EnumerateFolders(FolderKind)Exposes the enumerator, which supports an iteration of subfolders in folder.
EnumerateMapiMessages()Exposes the enumerator, which supports an iteration of messages in folder.
EnumerateMessageObjects()Exposes the enumerator, which supports an iteration of messages in folder.
EnumerateMessages()Exposes the enumerator, which supports an iteration of messages in folder.
EnumerateMessagesEntryId()Enumerates the entryID of messages.
GetContents()Get collection of messages.
GetContents(bool)Get collection of messages.
GetContents(MailQuery)Get collection of messages.
GetContents(MessageKind)Get collection of messages.
GetContents(int, int)Gets the collection of messages.
GetPredefinedType(bool)Gets the type of predefined folder.
GetSubFolder(string)Get subfolder.
GetSubFolder(string, bool)Gets the subfolder.
GetSubFolder(string, bool, bool)Retrieves a subfolder with the specified name from the current folder.
GetSubFolders()Gets collection of subfolders.
GetSubFolders(FolderKind)Gets collection of subfolders.
GetSubFolders(MailQuery)Gets collection of subfolders.
MergeWith(FolderInfo)Merges the folder with the folder from another pst.
MergeWith(FolderInfo, bool)Merges the folder with the folder from another pst. OnItemMoved event is called on both messages and directories.
MoveContents(FolderInfo)Moves the contents to a new folder.
MoveSubfolders(FolderInfo)Moves the subfolders to a new parent folder.
RetrieveFullPath()Retrieves the full path of folder within the PST file.
UpdateMessage(string, MapiMessageItemBase)Updates the message in folder.


event ItemMovedOccurs when an item is moved to the another folder.
event MessageAddedOccurs when a message is added to the current folder.

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