FolderInfo.AddMapiMessageItem method

Adds the IMapiMessageItem object into folder.

public string AddMapiMessageItem(IMapiMessageItem item)
Parameter Type Description
item IMapiMessageItem The item necessary to add.

Return Value

The string that represents the EntryId of the added item.


exception condition
NotImplementedException throws, if a PST file version is ANSI.
ArgumentNullException throws, if an item to add is null.
InvalidOperationException throws, if a PST is open for reading only.
NotSupportedException Thrown when MessageClass doesn’t belong to IPM.Note, IPM.StickyNote, IPM.Contact, IPM.Activity, IPM.Appointment, IPM.Schedule.meeting, IPM.Task.
InvalidOperationException Thrown when MessageClass doesn’t correspond to the folder’s ContainerClass.

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