The Aspose.Email.Tools.Search namespace contains base classes that represent message search by criteria.


Class Description
BinaryComparisonField Represents the binary search field.
BoolComparisonField Represents the boolean search field.
ComparisonField Base class that represents one search field.
DateComparisonField Represents the date search field.
DoubleComparisonField Represents the double search field.
EnumComparisonField Represents the enum search field.
IntComparisonField Represents the integer search field.
LongComparisonField Represents the Int64 search field.
MailQuery Represents the search criteria, that are used to match several message properties in the mailbox.
MailQueryBuilder Represents the builder of search expression.
QueryField Base class for query fields.
StringComparisonField Represents the string search field.


Enumeration Description
DateComparisonType Specifies a type of comparison