The Aspose.Email.Tools.Verifications namespace contains classes that represent the message validating functionality.


Class Description
DomainValidatingEventArgs Provides data for the DomainValidating event.
DomainValidatingEventHandler Represents the event handler for DomainValidatingEvent.
EmailValidator EmailValidator class provides the capability to validate e-mail addresses.
MailServerValidatingEventArgs Provides data for the MailServerValidatingEvent event.
MailServerValidatingEventHandler Represents the event handler for MailServerValidatingEvent.
SyntaxValidatingEventArgs Provides data for the SyntaxValidating event.
SyntaxValidatingEventHandler Represents the event handler for SyntaxValidatingEvent.
ValidationResult Present the result of the email validating process.


Enumeration Description
ValidationPolicy Presents the policy of validating email address.
ValidationResponseCode Represents the response status of the mail validating process.