EmailValidator class

EmailValidator class provides the capability to validate e-mail addresses.

public sealed class EmailValidator


Name Description
EmailValidator() Create an instance of EmailValidator.


Name Description
DnsServers { get; set; } Gets or sets the Dns server list to use in the email validation.
Timeout { get; set; } Gets or sets the length of time (in milliseconds) until the request times out.


Name Description
BeginValidate(string, ValidationPolicy, out ValidationResult, AsyncCallback, object) Begins an asynchronous validating process for an email address.
EndValidate(out ValidationResult, IAsyncResult) Ends an asynchronous validating process for an email address.
Validate(string, out ValidationResult) Validate email address, with the MailServer validation policy.
Validate(string, ValidationPolicy, out ValidationResult) Validating the email address

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