FileFormatType enumeration

Enumerates file format types.

public enum FileFormatType


Name Value Description
Unknown 0 Unknown file format.
Msg 1 Outlook MSG file format.
Eml 2 File in the MIME standard.
Mht 3 File is a Single File Web Page, also known as a Web Archive file.
Emlx 4 Apple’s program file format.
Ics 5 iCalendar file format.
Vcf 6 vCard file format.
Ost 7 Outlook Data Files format for for offline mode.
Pst 8 Outlook Data Files format.
Tnef 9 Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format.
Mbox 10 File format used for holding collections of electronic mail messages.
Oft 11 Outlook MSG file format for message template.
Olm 12 Outlook for Mac File Format.
Tgz 13 TAR archive file format. Zimbra mail client utilizes TGZ to export mailbox data.

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