MhtTemplateName.Contact class

Defines well known names of headers of Contact for Mhtml formatting.

public static class Contact


Name Description
const Anniversary Anniversary header.
const Birthday Birthday header.
const Business Business phone header.
const BusinessAddress Business Address header.
const BusinessFax Business Fax header.
const BusinessHomePage BusinessHomePage header.
const Company Company header.
const Department Department header.
const Email Email header.
const Email2 Email2 header.
const Email2DisplayAs Email2 Display As header.
const Email3 Email3 header.
const Email3DisplayAs Email3 Display As header.
const EmailDisplayAs Email Display As header.
const FirstName First Name header.
const FullName Full Name header.
const Gender Gender header.
const Hobbies Hobbies header.
const Home Home phone header.
const HomeAddress Home Address header.
const JobTitle Job Title header.
const LastName Last Name header.
const MiddleName Middle Name header.
const Mobile Mobile phone header.
const OtherAddress Other Address header.
const PersonalHomePage PersonalHomePage header.
const Profession Profession header.
const SpousePartner Spouse/Partner header.
const UserField1 UserField1 header.
const UserField2 UserField2 header.
const UserField3 UserField3 header.
const UserField4 UserField4 header.

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