MhtTemplateName class

Defines well known names of headers for Mhtml formatting.

public static class MhtTemplateName


Name Description
const Attachments Attachments header.
const Bcc Bcc header.
const Categories Categories header.
const Cc Cc header.
const DateTime DateTime header.
const End End header.
const From From header.
const Importance Importance header.
const Location Location header.
const OptionalAttendees OptionalAttendees header.
const Organizer Organizer header.
const PageHeader PageHeader header.
const Recurrence Recurrence header.
const RecurrencePattern RecurrencePattern header.
const RequiredAttendees RequiredAttendees header.
const Sent Sent header.
const ShowTimeAs ShowTimeAs header.
const Start Start header.
const Subject Subject header.
const TabField This name used for indent in multiline header.
const To From header.

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