ICSSRule interface

The CSSRule interface is the abstract base interface for any type of CSS statement. This includes both rule sets and at-rules. An implementation is expected to preserve all rules specified in a CSS style sheet, even if the rule is not recognized by the parser. Unrecognized rules are represented using the interface.

public interface ICSSRule


Name Description
CSSText { get; set; } The cssText property of the CSSRule interface returns the actual text of a CSSStyleSheet style-rule.
ParentRule { get; } If this rule is contained inside another rule (e.g. a style rule inside an @media block), this is the containing rule. If this rule is not nested inside any other rules, this returns null.
ParentStyleSheet { get; } The parentStyleSheet property of the CSSRule interface returns the StyleSheet object in which the current rule is defined.
Type { get; } The type of the rule, as defined CSSOM # dom-cssrule-type. The expectation is that binding-specific casting methods can be used to cast down from an instance of the CSSRule interface to the specific derived interface implied by the type.

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