SVGListBase<T> class

This interface defines a base list of all SVG lists.

public abstract class SVGListBase<T> : SVGValueType, IEnumerable<T>
Parameter Description
T Type of item stored in list.


Name Description
Item { get; set; } Returns the indexth item in the list.
Length { get; } The number of items in the list.
NumberOfItems { get; } The number of items in the list.


Name Description
AppendItem(T) Inserts a new item at the end of the list.
Clear() Clears all existing current items from the list, with the result being an empty list.
Dispose() Releases unmanaged and - optionally - managed resources.
GetEnumerator() Gets the enumerator.
GetItem(ulong) Returns the specified item from the list.
virtual GetPlatformType() This method is used to retrieve the ECMAScript object .
Initialize(T) Clears all existing current items from the list and re-initializes the list to hold the single item specified by the parameter.
InsertItemBefore(T, ulong) Inserts a new item into the list at the specified position. The first item is number 0.
RemoveItem(ulong) Removes an existing item from the list.
ReplaceItem(T, ulong) Replaces an existing item in the list with a new item.

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