The Aspose.Html.Net namespace is presented by classes and interfaces which are responsible for helping easy network processing.


Class Description
ByteArrayContent Represents content based on a byte array.
Content Represents a base class for an HTTP entity body and content headers.
ContentHeaders Contains the headers associated with a content.
FormUrlEncodedContent A container for name/value tuples encoded using application/x-www-form-urlencoded MIME type.
HttpMethod Represents utility class for retrieving and comparing standard HTTP methods.
MessageFilter Represents abstract base class for different classes of filters used to query messages
MessageHandler Represents a base type for message handlers.
MessageHandlerCollection Represents collection of the MessageHandler.
MultipartContent Represents a multipart/* content.
MultipartFormDataContent Represent content for multipart/form-data encoding algorithm
RequestHeaders Contains protocol headers associated with a request.
RequestMessage Represents a request message.
ResponseHeaders Contains protocol headers associated with a response.
ResponseMessage Represents a response message.
StreamContent Represents content based on a stream.
StringContent Represents content based on a string.
UrlResolver Represents utility class for resolving absolute URL by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).


Interface Description
INetwork Provides an interface for network services.
INetworkOperationContext Provides contextual information for the network services.