The Aspose.Html.Rendering namespace consists of numerous renderer objects as well as appropriate low level options classes which are responsible to render documents/files into IDevice implementation.


Class Description
CssOptions Represents css rendering options.
Device<TGraphicContext,TRenderingOptions> Represents base class for implementation particular rendering devices.
EpubRenderer Represents a EPub document renderer.
GraphicContext Holds current graphics control parameters. These parameters define the global framework within which the graphics operators execute.
HtmlRenderer Represents an HTML document renderer.
MhtmlRenderer Represents a MHTML document renderer.
PageSetup Represents a page setup object is used for configuration output page-set.
Renderer Represents a base class for all renderers and implemnts IDisposable interface.
Renderer<TDocument> Represents an abstract class for the all renderers.
RenderingOptions Represents rendering options.
SvgRenderer Represents SVG document renderer.
TextInfo Contains information about rendered text.


Structure Description
GlyphInfo Contains glyph related information.


Interface Description
IDevice Defines methods and properties that support custom rendering of the graphic elements like paths, text and images.


Enumeration Description
AtPagePriority Specifies possible orders of applying page size declarations.
ImageType Specifies the file format of the image
MediaType Specifies possible media types used during rendering.
PageLayoutOptions Specifies flags that together with other PageSetup options determine sizes and layouts of pages. These flags can be combined together according to their descriptions.