IUrlSearchParams interface

Provides methods to work with URLs query string.

public interface IUrlSearchParams : IEnumerable<string[]>


Name Description
Append(string, string) Appends a new name-value pair whose name is name and value is value.
Delete(string) Removes all name-value pairs whose name is name.
Get(string) Returns value of the first name-value pair whose name is name.
GetAll(string) Returns all values whose name is name.
Has(string) Checks if there is a name-value pair whose name is name in list.
Set(string, string) Sets value of the first found name-value pair to the specified value and removes the others. If no name-value pairs with the specified name are found, new one will be appended to the list.
Sort() Sorts all name-value pairs, if any, by their names.

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