FontsSubsystem class

Base class implementing Aspose.Note.Fonts.IFontsSubsystem interface. Provides functionality for default font and font’s substitutions. Override Aspose.Note.Fonts.FontsSubsystem.FetchFontFamily protected member function in a derived class to implement logic for retrieving of FontFamily object.

public abstract class FontsSubsystem : IFontsSubsystem


Name Description
DefaultFont { get; } Gets or sets default font.


Name Description
AddFont(Stream) Add the font.
AddFont(string) Add the font.
AddFont(Stream, string) Add the font.
AddFontSubstitution(string, string) Adds font substitution.
virtual GetFontFamily(string) Gets font family.
LoadFontsFromFolder(string) Loads all TrueType fonts from specified folder to internal collection.

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