The Aspose.Pdf is a root namespace for all classes of Aspose.Pdf library which are either directly in it like Document or indirectly through several subnamespaces.


Class Description
ApsLoadOptions Class describes aps load options.
ApsSaveOptions Save options for export to APS XML format.
Artifact Class represents PDF Artifact object.
ArtifactCollection Class represents artifact collection.
BackgroundArtifact Class descibes background artifact. This artifact allows to set background of the page.
BaseActionCollection Class incapsulates basic actions wuth page/annotation/field interactive actions
BaseOperatorCollection Represents base class for operator collection.
BaseParagraph Represents a abstract base object can be added to the page(doc.Paragraphs.Add()).
BorderInfo This class represents border for graphics elements.
BuildVersionInfo This class provides information about current product build.
Cell Represents a cell of the table’s row.
Cells Represents a cells collection of row.
CgmImportOptions Import option for import from Computer Graphics Metafile(CGM) format.
CgmLoadOptions Contains options for loading/importing CGM file into pdf document.
Collection Represents class for Collection(12.3.5 Collections).
Color Represents class for color value which can be expressed in different color space.
ColumnInfo This class represents a columns info.
ComHelper Provides methods for COM clients to load a document into Aspose.Pdf.
CompositingParameters Represents an object containing graphics compositing parameters of current graphics state.
DeprecatedFeatureException The exception that is thrown when a feature is deprecated in current pdf version.
DestinationCollection Class represents the collection of all destinations (a name tree mapping name strings to destinations (see, “Named Destinations”) and (see 7.7.4, “Name Dictionary”)) in the pdf document.
DocSaveOptions Save options for export to Doc format
Document Class representing PDF document
DocumentFactory Class which allows to create/load documents of different types.
DocumentInfo Represents meta information of PDF document.
EmbeddedFileCollection Class representing embedded files collection.
EmptyValueException Exception which thrown when requirested value does not exists.
EncryptedPayload Represents encrypted payload in file specification.
EpubLoadOptions Contains options for loading/importing EPUB file into pdf document.
EpubSaveOptions Save options for export to EPUB format
ExcelSaveOptions Save options for export to Excel format
FileHyperlink Represents file hyperlink object.
FileParams Defines an embedded file parameter dictionary that shall contain additional file-specific information.
FileSpecification Class representing embedded file.
FontEmbeddingException The exception that is thrown when an attempt to embed font became failed
FontNotFoundException The exception that is thrown when a font is not found.
FooterArtifact Describes footer artifact. This may be used to set footer of the page.
FormattedFragment Represents abstract formatted fragment.
GraphInfo Represents graphics info.
Group A group attributes class specifying the attributes of the page’s page group for use in the transparent imaging model.
HeaderArtifact Class describes Heaader artifact. This artifacgt may be used to set heading of the page.
HeaderFooter Class represents header or footer pdf page.
Heading Represents heading.
HtmlFragment Represents html fragment.
HtmlLoadOptions Represents options for loading/importing html file into pdf document.
HtmlSaveOptions Save options for export to Html format
Hyperlink Represents abstract hyperlink.
Id Represents file identifier structure.
Image Represents image.
ImagePlacement Represents characteristics of an image placed to Pdf document page.
ImagePlacementAbsorber Represents an absorber object of image placement objects. Performs search of image usages and provides access to search results via ImagePlacements collection.
ImagePlacementCollection Represents an image placements collection
ImageStamp Reresents graphic stamp.
ImportOptions ImportOptions type hold level of abstraction on individual import options.
IncorrectCMapUsageException The exception that is thrown when font usage is incorrect.
IncorrectFontUsageException The exception that is thrown when font usage is incorrect.
InvalidCgmFileFormatException The exception that is thrown when a Cgm file is invalid.
InvalidFileFormatException The exception that is thrown when a file is invalid.
InvalidFormTypeOperationException The exception that is thrown when an operation with form type is not valid.
InvalidPasswordException The exception that is thrown when invalid password is provided by user.
InvalidPdfFileFormatException The exception that is thrown when a pdf file is invalid.
InvalidValueFormatException Exception which thrown when requested value has incorrect format.
JavaScriptCollection This class represents collection of JavaScript.
Layer Represents page layer.
LevelFormat Represents format of the table of contents.
License Provides methods to license the component.
LoadOptions LoadOptions type holds level of abstraction on individual load options
LocalHyperlink Represents local hyperlink object.
MarginInfo This class represents a margin for different objects.
Matrix Class represents transformation matrix.
Matrix3D Class represents transformation matrix.
MdLoadOptions Load options for Markdown format conversion.
Metadata Provides access to XMP metadata stream.
Metered Provides methods to set metered key.
MhtLoadOptions Represents options for loading/importing of .mht-file into pdf document.
MobiXmlSaveOptions Save options for export to Xml format
NamedDestinationCollection Class represents the collection of all destinations (a name tree mapping name strings to destinations (see, “Named Destinations”) and (see 7.7.4, “Name Dictionary”)) in the pdf document.
Note This class represents generator paragraph note.
OcspSettings Represents the ocsp settings using during signing process.
Operator Abstract class representing operator.
OperatorCollection Class represents collection of operators
OperatorSelector This class is used for selecting operators using Visitor template idea.
Opi Represents The Open Prepress Interface (OPI) is a mechanism for creating low-resolution placeholders, or proxies, for such high-resolution images.
OptimizedMemoryStream Defines a MemoryStream that can contains more standard capacity
OutlineCollection Represents document outline hierarchy.
OutlineItemCollection Represents outline entry in outline hierarchy of PDF document.
Outlines Class describes collection of outlines.
Page Class representing page of PDF document.
PageActionCollection This class describes page actions
PageCollection Collection of PDF document pages.
PageInfo Represents the page information.
PageLabel Class representing Page Label range.
PageLabelCollection Class represeingting page label collection.
PageNumberStamp Represents page number stamp and used to number pages.
PageSize Class representing size of page in PDF document.
Paragraphs This class represents paragraph collection.
PclLoadOptions Represents options for loading(import) PCL file into pdf document.
PdfANonSpecificationFlags This class holds flags to control PDF/A conversion for cases when source PDF document doesn’t correspond to PDF specification. If flags of this clas are used it decreases performance but it’s necessary when source PDF document can’t be convert into PDF/A format by usual way. By default all flags are set to false.
PdfASymbolicFontEncodingStrategy This class describes rules which can be used to tune process of copy encoding data for cases when TrueType symbolic font has more than one encoding. Some PDF documents after conversion into PDF/A format could have error “More than one encoding in symbolic TrueType font’s cmap”. What is a reason of this error? All TrueType symbolic fonts have special table “cmap” in it’s internal data. This table maps character codes to glyph indices. And this table could contain different encoding subtables which describe encodings used. See advanced info about cmap tables at Usually cmap table contains several encoding subtables, but PDF/A standard requires that only one encoding subtable (3,0) must be leaved for this font in PDF/A document. And key question here - what data must be taken from another subtables to copy into destination encoding table (3,0)? Majority of fonts have ‘well-formed’ cmap tables where every encoding subtable is fully consistent with another subtable. But some fonts have cmap tables with collisions - where for example one subtable has glyph index 100 for unicode 100, but another subtable has glyph index 200 for the same unicode 100. To solve this problems special strategy needed. By default following strategy used: mac subtable(1,0) is looked for. If this table is found, only this data used to fill destination table (3,0). If mac subtable is not found then all subtables except (3,0) are iterated and used to copy data into destination (3,0) subtable. Also mapping for every unicode(unicode, glyph index) is copied into destination table only if destination table has no this unicode at current moment. So, for example if first subtabe has glyph index 100 for unicode 100, and next subtable has glyph index 200 for the same unicode 100, only data from first subtable (unicode=100, glyph index = 100) will be copied. So each previous subtable takes precedence over the next. Properties of this class PdfASymbolicFontEncodingStrategy help tune default behaviour. If property PreferredCmapEncodingTable of type CMapEncodingTableType is set, then relevant subtable will be used in precedence to mac subtable(1,0). Value ‘MacTable’ from enumeration CMapEncodingTableType has no sense in this case, cause it points on the same mac subtable (1,0) which will be used by default. Property CmapEncodingTablesPriorityQueue discards all priorities for any subtable. If this property is set, then only subtables from declared queue will be used in specified order. If subtables specified are not found then default iteration of all subtables and copy strategy described above will be used. Object QueueItem specifies encoding subtable used. This subtable can be set via combination of members(PlatformID, PlatformSpecificId) or via CMapEncodingTableType enumeration.
PdfException Represents errors that occur during PDF application execution.
PdfFormatConversionOptions represents set of options for convert PDF document
PdfPageStamp Class represents stamp which uses PDF page as stamp.
PdfSaveOptions Save options for export to Pdf format
PdfXmlLoadOptions Load options for PdfXml format.
PdfXmlSaveOptions Save options for PdfXml format.
Point Represent point with fractional coordinates.
Point3D Represent point with fractional coordinates.
PptxSaveOptions Save options for export to SVG format
PrintController Represents print controller.
PsLoadOptions Represents options for loading/importing of .mht-file into pdf document.
Rectangle Class represents rectangle.
RenderingOptions Represents rendering options.
Resources Class representing page resources.
RgbToDeviceGrayConversionStrategy Represents rgb to device gray color spaces conversion strategy.
Row Represents a row of the table.
Rows Represents a rows collection of table.
SaveOptions SaveOptions type hold level of abstraction on individual save options
Stamp An abstract class for various kinds of stamps which come as descendants.
SvgLoadOptions Represents options for loading/importing SVG file into pdf document.
SvgSaveOptions Save options for export to SVG format
Table Represents a table that can be added to the page.
TeXFileSystemInputDirectory Implements the regular file system’s method for getting a file stream to read from.
TeXFileSystemOutputDirectory Implements the regular file system’s method for getting a file stream to write to.
TeXFragment Represents TeX fragment.
TeXLoadOptions Represents options for loading/importing TeX file into PDF document.
TeXMemoryOutputDirectory Implements fetching an output stream from memory. You can use it, for example, when you don’t want the accompanying output (like a log file) to be written to disk but you’d like to read it afterwards from memory.
TeXSaveOptions Save options for export to TeX format
TextStamp Reresents textual stamp.
TimestampSettings Represents the ocsp settings using during signing process.
TocInfo Represents table of contents info.
TxtLoadOptions Load options for TXT to PDF conversion.
UnifiedSaveOptions This class represents saving options for saving that uses unified conversion way (with unified internal document model)
UnsupportedFontTypeException The exception that is thrown when a font type is not supported.
WarningInfo Immutable object for encapsulating warning information.
Watermark Represents a watermark of the page.
WatermarkArtifact Class describes watermark artifact. This may be used to
WebHyperlink Represents web hyperlink object.
XForm Class represent XForm
XFormCollection Class represents collection of XFormCollection.
XImage Class representing image X-Object.
XImageCollection Class representing XImage collection.
XmlLoadOptions Represents options for loading/importing XML file into pdf document.
XmlSaveOptions Save options for export to Xml format
XmpField Represents XMP field.
XmpPdfAExtensionField This schema describes a field in a structured type. It is very similar to the PDF/A Property Value Type schema, but defines a field in a structure instead of a property. Schema namespace URI: Required schema namespace prefix: pdfaField.
XmpPdfAExtensionObject Represents the base class for field, property, value type instances.
XmpPdfAExtensionProperty Describes a single property. Schema namespace URI: Required schema namespace prefix: pdfaProperty
XmpPdfAExtensionSchema Describes the XMP extension schema which is provided by PDF/A-1.
XmpPdfAExtensionSchemaDescription Represents the description of XMP extension schema which is provided by PDF/A-1.
XmpPdfAExtensionValueType The PDF/A ValueType schema is required for all property value types which are not defined in the XMP 2004 specification, i.e. for value types outside of the following list: - Array types (these are container types which may contain one or more fields): Alt, Bag, Seq - Basic value types: Boolean, (open and closed) Choice, Date, Dimensions, Integer, Lang Alt, Locale, MIMEType, ProperName, Real, Text, Thumbnail, URI, URL, XPath - Media Management value types: AgentName, RenditionClass, ResourceEvent, ResourceRef, Version - Basic Job/Workflow value type: Job - EXIF schema value types: Flash, CFAPattern, DeviceSettings, GPSCoordinate, OECF/SFR, Rational Schema namespace URI: Required schema namespace prefix: pdfaType
XmpValue Represents XMP value
XpsLoadOptions Represents options for loading/importing xps file into pdf document.
XpsSaveOptions Save options for export to Xps format
XslFoLoadOptions Represents options for loading/importing XSL-FO file into pdf document.


Interface Description
IColorSpaceConversionStrategy Interface for color space conversion strategies.
IIndexBitmapConverter This interface declared for customization algorithms of quantization. Users can implement their own realization of this algorithms (for example algorithms based on unmanaged code).
INamedDestinationCollection Collection of Named Destinations.
IOperatorSelector Defines Visitor for visiting different pdf operators.
IPageSetOptions Defines conversion options related to a set of pages to convert.
IPipelineOptions Defines conversion options related to pipeline configuration.
ITeXInputDirectory Interface of generalized TeX input directory.
ITeXOutputDirectory Interface of generalized TeX output directory.
IWarningCallback Interface for user’s callback mechanism support.


Enumeration Description
AFRelationship Enumeration describes associated files relationship.
BlendMode The blend modes enumeration.
BorderCornerStyle Enumerates the border corner styles for border.
BorderSide Enumerates the border sides.
ColorSpace The color spaces enumeration.
ColorType Specifies color type of elements on page.
ColumnAdjustment Enumerates column adjustment types.
ContentDisposition MIME protocol Content-Disposition header.
ConvertErrorAction This class represents action for conversion errors.
ConvertSoftMaskAction This action represents actions for conversion of images with soft mask.
ConvertTransparencyAction This class represents action for conversion of transparency.
CryptoAlgorithm Represent type of cryptographic algorithm that used in encryption/decryption routines.
DigestHashAlgorithm Represent type of algoritm that maps data to a “hash”
Direction Text direction.
ExtendedBoolean Represents boolean type that supports Undefined value.
ExtractImageMode Defines different modes which can be used while extracting images from documents.
FileEncoding Encoding of the attached file. Possible values: Zip - file is compressed with ZIP, None - file is non compressed.
Fixup This enum represents an type of Fixup.
FontSubsetStrategy enumerates strategies for font subsetting
HorizontalAlignment Describes horizontal alignment.
HtmlDocumentType Represents enumeration of the Html document types.
HtmlMediaType Specifies possible media types used during rendering.
HtmlPageLayoutOption Specifies flags that together other options determine sizes and layouts of pages.
ImageDeleteAction Action which performed with image object when image is removed from collection. If image object is removed
ImageFileType Enumerates the image file types.
ImageFilterType Enumeration representing image filter type.
ImportFormat Specifies import format.
LoadFormat Specifies load format.
NumberingStyle Enumeration of supported page numbering style for PageLabel class.
PageCoordinateType Describes page coordinate type.
PageLayout Descibes page layout.
PageMode Class descibes used components of the document page.
PasswordType This enum represents known password types used for password protected pdf documents.
PdfFormat This class represents an pdf format.
Permissions This enum represents user’s permissions for a pdf.
PrintDuplex The paper handling option to use when printing the file from the print dialog..
ProgressEventType This enum describes possible progress event types that can occure during conversion
ReturnAction Enum represented a program workflow action in case of invoking the Warning method.
Rotation Enumeration of possible rotation values.
SaveFormat Specifies format
TableBroken Enumerates the table broken.
TabOrder Tab order on the page
VerticalAlignment Enumeration of possible vertical alignment values.
WarningType Enum represented warning type.
XfaTag The xfa stream tag
XmpFieldType This enum represents types of a XMP field.
XmpPdfAExtensionCategoryType Property category: internal or external.