All Implemented Interfaces: com.aspose.slides.IGenericCollection

public interface IChartDataWorksheetCollection extends IGenericCollection<IChartDataWorksheet>

Represents the collection of worksheets of chart data workbook.

 Presentation pres = new Presentation();
 try {
     IChart chart = pres.getSlides().get_Item(0).getShapes().addChart(ChartType.Pie, 50, 50, 400, 500);
     IChartDataWorkbook workbook =  chart.getChartData().getChartDataWorkbook();
     for (IChartDataWorksheet worksheet : workbook.getWorksheets())
         String worksheetName = worksheet.getName();
 } finally {
     if (pres != null) pres.dispose();


Method Description
get_Item(int index) Returns the worksheet by index.

get_Item(int index)

public abstract IChartDataWorksheet get_Item(int index)

Returns the worksheet by index.


Parameter Type Description
index int Index of the worksheet in the collection.

Returns: IChartDataWorksheet - Instance of the IChartDataWorksheet.