BehaviorProperty class

Represent property types for animation behavior. Follows the list of properties from and

public class BehaviorProperty : IBehaviorProperty


static ExtrusionAutoRotationCenter { get; }Represents ’extrusion.autorotationcenter’ property
static ExtrusionBackDepth { get; }Represents ’extrusion.backdepth’ property
static ExtrusionColor { get; }Represents ’extrusion.color’ property
static ExtrusionColorMode { get; }Represents ’extrusion.colormode’ property
static ExtrusionForeDepth { get; }Represents ’extrusion.foredepth’ property
static ExtrusionLockRotationCenter { get; }Represents ’extrusion.lockrotationcenter’ property
static ExtrusionOn { get; }Represents ’extrusion.on’ property
static ExtrusionOrientationAngle { get; }Represents ’extrusion.orientationangle’ property
static ExtrusionOrientationX { get; }Represents ’extrusion.orientation.x’ property
static ExtrusionOrientationY { get; }Represents ’extrusion.orientation.y’ property
static ExtrusionOrientationZ { get; }Represents ’extrusion.orientation.z’ property
static ExtrusionPlane { get; }Represents ’extrusion.plane’ property
static ExtrusionRender { get; }Represents ’extrusion.render’ property
static ExtrusionRotationAngleX { get; }Represents ’extrusion.rotationangle.x’ property
static ExtrusionRotationAngleY { get; }Represents ’extrusion.rotationangle.y’ property
static ExtrusionRotationCenterX { get; }Represents ’extrusion.rotationcenter.x’ property
static ExtrusionRotationCenterY { get; }Represents ’extrusion.rotationcenter.y’ property
static ExtrusionRotationCenterZ { get; }Represents ’extrusion.rotationcenter.z’ property
static ExtrusionSkewAmt { get; }Represents ’extrusion.skewamt’ property
static ExtrusionSkewAngle { get; }Represents ’extrusion.skewangle’ property
static ExtrusionType { get; }Represents ’extrusion.type’ property
static ExtrusionViewPointOriginX { get; }Represents ’extrusion.viewpointorigin.x’ property
static ExtrusionViewPointOriginY { get; }Represents ’extrusion.viewpointorigin.y’ property
static ExtrusionViewPointX { get; }Represents ’extrusion.viewpoint.x’ property
static ExtrusionViewPointY { get; }Represents ’extrusion.viewpoint.y’ property
static ExtrusionViewPointZ { get; }Represents ’extrusion.viewpoint.z’ property
static FillAngle { get; }Represents ‘fill.angle’ property
static FillColor { get; }Represents ‘fillcolor’ property
static FillColor2 { get; }Represents ‘fill.color2’ property
static FillFocus { get; }Represents ‘fill.focus’ property
static FillFocusPositionX { get; }Represents ‘fill.focusposition.x’ property
static FillFocusPositionY { get; }Represents ‘fill.focusposition.y’ property
static FillFocusSizeX { get; }Represents ‘fill.focussize.x’ property
static FillFocusSizeY { get; }Represents ‘fill.focussize.y’ property
static FillMethod { get; }Represents ‘fill.method’ property
static FillOn { get; }Represents ‘fill.on’ property
static FillOpacity { get; }Represents ‘fill.opacity’ property
static FillOpacity2 { get; }Represents ‘fill.opacity2’ property
static FillType { get; }Represents ‘fill.type’ property
static Fill_Color { get; }Represents ‘fill.color’ property
static Image { get; }Represents ‘image’ property
static ImageDataBlacklevel { get; }Represents ‘imageData.blacklevel’ property
static ImageDataChromakey { get; }Represents ‘imageData.chromakey’ property
static ImageDataCropBottom { get; }Represents ‘imageData.cropBottom’ property
static ImageDataCropLeft { get; }Represents ‘imageData.cropLeft’ property
static ImageDataCropRight { get; }Represents ‘imageData.cropRight’ property
static ImageDataCropTop { get; }Represents ‘imageData.cropTop’ property
static ImageDataGain { get; }Represents ‘imageData.gain’ property
static ImageDataGamma { get; }Represents ‘imageData.gamma’ property
static ImageDataGrayscale { get; }Represents ‘imageData.grayscale’ property
static PptC { get; }Represents ‘ppt_c’ property
static PptH { get; }Represents ‘ppt_h’ property
static PptR { get; }Represents ‘ppt_r’ property
static PptW { get; }Represents ‘ppt_w’ property
static PptX { get; }Represents ‘ppt_x’ property
static PptY { get; }Represents ‘ppt_y’ property
static R { get; }Represents ‘r’ property
static ScaleX { get; }Represents ‘ScaleX’ property
static ScaleY { get; }Represents ‘ScaleY’ property
static ShadowColor { get; }Represents ‘shadow.color’ property
static ShadowColor2 { get; }Represents ‘shadow.color2’ property
static ShadowMatrixPerspectiveX { get; }Represents ‘shadow.matrix.perspectiveX’ property
static ShadowMatrixPerspectiveY { get; }Represents ‘shadow.matrix.perspectiveY’ property
static ShadowMatrixXtoX { get; }Represents ‘shadow.matrix.xtox’ property
static ShadowMatrixXtoY { get; }Represents ‘shadow.matrix.xtoy’ property
static ShadowMatrixYtoX { get; }Represents ‘shadow.matrix.ytox’ property
static ShadowMatrixYtoY { get; }Represents ‘shadow.matrix.ytoy’ property
static ShadowOffset2X { get; }Represents ‘shadow.offset2.x’ property
static ShadowOffset2Y { get; }Represents ‘shadow.offset2.y’ property
static ShadowOffsetX { get; }Represents ‘shadow.offset.x’ property
static ShadowOffsetY { get; }Represents ‘shadow.offset.y’ property
static ShadowOn { get; }Represents ‘shadow.on’ property
static ShadowOpacity { get; }Represents ‘shadow.opacity’ property
static ShadowOriginX { get; }Represents ‘shadow.origin.x’ property
static ShadowOriginY { get; }Represents ‘shadow.origin.y’ property
static ShadowType { get; }Represents ‘shadow.type’ property
static SkewMatrixPerspectiveX { get; }Represents ‘skew.matrix.perspectiveX’ property
static SkewMatrixPerspectiveY { get; }Represents ‘skew.matrix.perspectiveY’ property
static SkewMatrixXtoX { get; }Represents ‘skew.matrix.xtox’ property
static SkewMatrixXtoY { get; }Represents ‘skew.matrix.xtoy’ property
static SkewMatrixYtoX { get; }Represents ‘skew.matrix.ytox’ property
static SkewMatrixYtoY { get; }Represents ‘skew.matrix.ytoy’ property
static SkewOffsetX { get; }Represents ‘skew.offset.x’ property
static SkewOffsetY { get; }Represents ‘skew.offset.y’ property
static SkewOn { get; }Represents ‘skew.on’ property
static SkewOriginX { get; }Represents ‘skew.origin.x’ property
static SkewOriginY { get; }Represents ‘skew.origin.y’ property
static StrokeColor { get; }Represents ‘stroke.color’ property
static StrokeColor2 { get; }Represents ‘stroke.color2’ property
static StrokeDashStyle { get; }Represents ‘stroke.dashstyle’ property
static StrokeEndArrow { get; }Represents ‘stroke.endArrow’ property
static StrokeEndArrowLength { get; }Represents ‘stroke.endArrowLength’ property
static StrokeEndArrowWidth { get; }Represents ‘stroke.endArrowWidth’ property
static StrokeFillType { get; }Represents ‘stroke.filltype’ property
static StrokeImageSizeX { get; }Represents ‘stroke.imagesize.x’ property
static StrokeImageSizeY { get; }Represents ‘stroke.imagesize.y’ property
static StrokeLineStyle { get; }Represents ‘stroke.linestyle’ property
static StrokeOn { get; }Represents ‘stroke.on’ property
static StrokeOpacity { get; }Represents ‘stroke.opacity’ property
static StrokeSrc { get; }Represents ‘stroke.src’ property
static StrokeStartArrow { get; }Represents ‘stroke.startArrow’ property
static StrokeStartArrowLength { get; }Represents ‘stroke.startArrowLength’ property
static StrokeStartArrowWidth { get; }Represents ‘stroke.startArrowWidth’ property
static StrokeWeight { get; }Represents ‘stroke.weight’ property
static StyleColor { get; }Represents ‘style.color’ property
static StyleFontFamily { get; }Represents ‘style.fontFamily’ property
static StyleFontSize { get; }Represents ‘style.fontSize’ property
static StyleFontStyle { get; }Represents ‘style.fontStyle’ property
static StyleFontWeight { get; }Represents ‘style.fontWeight’ property
static StyleOpacity { get; }Represents ‘style.opacity’ property
static StyleRotation { get; }Represents ‘style.rotation’ property
static StyleSRotation { get; }Represents ‘style.sRotation’ property
static StyleTextDecorationLineThrough { get; }Represents ‘style.textDecorationLineThrough’ property
static StyleTextDecorationUnderline { get; }Represents ‘style.textDecorationUnderline’ property
static StyleTextEffectEmboss { get; }Represents ‘style.textEffectEmboss’ property
static StyleTextEffectOutline { get; }Represents ‘style.textEffectOutline’ property
static StyleTextShadow { get; }Represents ‘style.textShadow’ property
static StyleTextTransform { get; }Represents ‘style.textTransform’ property
static StyleVisibility { get; }Represents ‘style.visibility’ property
static XShear { get; }Represents ‘xshear’ property
static YShear { get; }Represents ‘yshear’ property
IsCustom { get; }Shows if this property does not belong to the predefined properties list in the specification:
Value { get; }Value of the property


static GetOrCreateByValue(string)Looks for existing behavior property by value or creates new custom one with the specified value
override Equals(object)Checks if this object is equal to another.
override GetHashCode()Calculates and returns hach code based on the Value property

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