CommandEffect class

Represents a command effect for an animation behavior.

public class CommandEffect : Behavior, ICommandEffect


Name Description
CommandEffect() Creates new instance.


Name Description
Accumulate { get; set; } Represents whether animation behaviors are accumulated. Read/write NullableBool.
Additive { get; set; } Represents whether the current animation behavior is combined with other running animations. Read/write BehaviorAdditiveType.
CommandString { get; set; } Defines command string. Read/write String.
Properties { get; } Represents properties of behavior. Read-only IBehaviorPropertyCollection.
ShapeTarget { get; set; } Defines shape target of command effect. Read/write IShape.
Timing { get; set; } Represents timing properties for the effect behavior. Read/write ITiming.
Type { get; set; } Defines command effect type of behavior. Read/write CommandEffectType.

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