DataTable class

Represents data table properties.

public class DataTable : DomObject<Chart>, IDataTable


Name Description
Chart { get; } Returns chart. Read-only IChart.
Format { get; } Returns the line, fill, and effect styles of an object. Read-only IFormat.
HasBorderHorizontal { get; set; } True if the chart data table has horizontal cell borders. Read/write Boolean.
HasBorderOutline { get; set; } True if the chart data table has outline borders. Read/write Boolean.
HasBorderVertical { get; set; } True if the chart data table has vertical cell borders. Read/write Boolean.
ShowLegendKey { get; set; } True if the data label legend key is visible. Read/write Boolean.
TextFormat { get; } Returns text format. Read-only IChartTextFormat.

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