IDataLabel interface

Represents a series labels.

public interface IDataLabel : IActualLayout, ILayoutable, IOverridableText


Name Description
AsIActualLayout { get; } Returns IActualLayout interface.
AsILayoutable { get; } Returns ILayoutable interface. Read-only ILayoutable.
AsIOverridableText { get; } Returns IOverridableText interface. Read-only IOverridableText.
DataLabelFormat { get; } Returns format of the data label. Read-only IDataLabelFormat.
IsVisible { get; } False means that data label is not visible (and so all Show*-flags (ShowValue, …) are false). Read-only Boolean.
ValueFromCell { get; set; } Gets or sets workbook data cell. Applied if IDataLabelFormat.ShowLabelValueFromCell property equals true.


Name Description
GetActualLabelText() Returns actual label text based on DataLabelFormat settings or TextFrameForOverriding.Text value.
Hide() Make data label hidden by setting all Show*-flags (ShowValue, …) to false state. IsVisible will be false after this.

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