ILegend interface

Represents chart’s legend properties.

public interface ILegend : IFormattedTextContainer, ILayoutable


Name Description
AsIFormattedTextContainer { get; } Allows to get base IFormattedTextContainer interface. Read-only IFormattedTextContainer.
AsILayoutable { get; } Allows to get base ILayoutable interface. Read-only ILayoutable.
Entries { get; } Gets legend entries. Read-only ILegendEntryCollection.
Format { get; } Returns the format of a legend. Read-only IFormat.
Overlay { get; set; } Determines whether other chart elements shall be allowed to overlap legend. Read/write Boolean.
Position { get; set; } Specifies the position of the legend on a chart. Non-NaN values of X, Y, Width, Heigt properties override effect of this property. Read/write LegendPositionType.

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