StringChartValue class

Represent string value which can be stored in pptx presentation document in two ways: 1) in cell/cells of workbook related to chart; 2) as literal value.

public class StringChartValue : BaseChartValue, IStringChartValue


Name Description
AsCells { get; set; } Null value assigning is not allowed. Returning value always is not null. Read/write IChartCellCollection.
AsLiteralString { get; set; } Returns or sets value as literal string. Read/write String.
override Data { get; set; } Returns or sets Data object. Read/write Object.
DataSourceType { get; set; } Specifies whether AsCell, AsCells, AsLiteralString or AsLiteralDouble property is actual in descendants. In other words it specifies the type of value of the Data property. Read/write DataSourceType.


Name Description
GetCellsAddressInWorkbook() If DataSourceType property is DataSourceType.Worksheet then this method returns address of the cells in workbook which represent the string data. Otherwise return empty string.
SetFromOneCell(IChartDataCell) Sets value from specified cell.
override ToString() Returns string value data. Return null if DataSourceType is false and no string value was assigned.

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