Creates an instance of a hyperlink.

public Hyperlink(string url)
Parameter Type Description
url String Hyperlink URL.

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Creates an instance of a hyperlink which points to specific slide. Note: created hyperlink should be assigned to some object from the same presentation, otherwise link will be saved as NoAction.

public Hyperlink(ISlide slide)
Parameter Type Description
slide ISlide Target slide.

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Hyperlink(Hyperlink, string, string, bool, bool, bool)

Creates an instance of a hyperlink using another hyperlink as source, overriding secondary properties.

public Hyperlink(Hyperlink source, string targetFrame, string tooltip, bool history, 
    bool stopSoundsOnClick, bool highlightClick)
Parameter Type Description
source Hyperlink Source hyperlink
targetFrame String Target frame
tooltip String Tooltip text
history Boolean
stopSoundsOnClick Boolean
highlightClick Boolean

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