ILayoutSlide interface

Represents a layout slide.

public interface ILayoutSlide : IBaseSlide, IOverrideThemeable


Name Description
AsIBaseSlide { get; } Allows to get base IBaseSlide interface. Read-only IBaseSlide.
AsIOverrideThemeable { get; } Returns IOverrideThemeable interface. Read-only IOverrideThemeable.
HasDependingSlides { get; } Returns true if there exists at least one slide that depends on this layout slide. Read-only Boolean.
HeaderFooterManager { get; } Returns HeaderFooter manager of the layout slide. Read-only ILayoutSlideHeaderFooterManager.
LayoutType { get; } Returns layout type of this layout slide. Read-only SlideLayoutType.
MasterSlide { get; set; } Returns or sets the master slide for a layout. Read/write IMasterSlide.


Name Description
GetDependingSlides() Returns an array with all slides, which depend on this layout slide.
Remove() Removes layout from presentation.

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