IVideoFrame interface

Represents a video clip on a slide.

public interface IVideoFrame : IPictureFrame


Name Description
AsIPictureFrame { get; } Allows to get base IPictureFrame interface. Read-only IPictureFrame.
EmbeddedVideo { get; set; } Returns or sets embedded video object. Read/write IVideo.
FullScreenMode { get; set; } Determines whether a video is shown in full screen mode. Read/write Boolean.
HideAtShowing { get; set; } Determines whether a VideoFrame is hidden. Read/write Boolean.
LinkPathLong { get; set; } Returns or sets the name of an video file which is linked to a VideoFrame. Read/write String.
PlayLoopMode { get; set; } Determines whether a video is looped. Read/write Boolean.
PlayMode { get; set; } Returns or sets the video play mode. Read/write VideoPlayModePreset.
RewindVideo { get; set; } Determines whether a video is automatically rewinded to start as soon as the movie has finished playing. Read/write Boolean.
Volume { get; set; } Returns or sets the audio volume. Read/write AudioVolumeMode.

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