MasterHandoutSlideHeaderFooterManager class

Represents manager which holds behavior of the master handout slide placeholders, including header placeholder.

public class MasterHandoutSlideHeaderFooterManager : BaseHandoutNotesSlideHeaderFooterManager, 


Name Description
IsDateTimeVisible { get; } Gets value indicating that a date-time placeholder is present. ReadBoolean.
IsFooterVisible { get; } Gets value indicating that a footer placeholder is present. Read Boolean.
IsHeaderVisible { get; } Gets value indicating that a header placeholder is present. Read Boolean.
IsSlideNumberVisible { get; } Gets value indicating that a page number placeholder is present. ReadBoolean.


Name Description
SetDateTimeText(string) Sets text to slide date-time placeholder.
SetDateTimeVisibility(bool) Changes slide date-time placeholder visibility.
SetFooterText(string) Sets text to slide footer placeholder.
SetFooterVisibility(bool) Changes slide footer placeholder visibility.
SetHeaderText(string) Sets text to slide header placeholder.
SetHeaderVisibility(bool) Changes slide header placeholder visibility.
SetSlideNumberVisibility(bool) Changes slide page number placeholder visibility.

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