BaselineType enumeration

Specifies the baseline type used to calculate Variance values.

public enum BaselineType


Name Value Description
Undefined -1 Indicates the field was not defined in original project file.
Baseline 0 Indicates Baseline type.
Baseline1 1 Indicates Baseline1 type.
Baseline2 2 Indicates Baseline2 type.
Baseline3 3 Indicates Baseline3 type.
Baseline4 4 Indicates Baseline4 type.
Baseline5 5 Indicates Baseline5 type.
Baseline6 6 Indicates Baseline6 type.
Baseline7 7 Indicates Baseline7 type.
Baseline8 8 Indicates Baseline8 type.
Baseline9 9 Indicates Baseline9 type.
Baseline10 10 Indicates Baseline10 type.


While exporting into XML the Undefined values will be eliminated from resulting XML.


Shows how to set baseline for the project (BaselineType.Baseline).

var project = new Project(DataDir + "Project2.mpp");
// save baseline fields to the specified baseline for the entire project.
// work with project's baselines...

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