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Prj class

Represents supported properties of Project object.

public static class Prj


Name Description
static readonly ActualsInSync Determines whether all actual works have been synchronized with the project.
static readonly AdminProject Determines whether a project is an administrative project.
static readonly AreEditableActualCosts Determines whether actual costs are editable.
static readonly Author The author of a project.
static readonly AutoAddNewResourcesAndTasks Determines whether new resources or tasks automatically added to a resource or task pool.
static readonly Autolink Determines whether inserted or moved tasks are auto linked.
static readonly BaselineForEarnedValue The specific baseline used to calculate Variance values.
static readonly Calendar The project calendar.
static readonly Category The category of a project.
static readonly Comments Project’s comments.
static readonly Company The company where a project was created.
static readonly CreationDate The date and time when a project was created.
static readonly CriticalSlackLimit The number of days to the end of a task when Microsoft Project marks that task as a critical task.
static readonly CurrencyCode The three letter currency character code as defined in ISO 4217. Example of valid values is “USD”.
static readonly CurrencyDigits The number of digits after a decimal symbol.
static readonly CurrencySymbol The currency symbol used in a project.
static readonly CurrencySymbolPosition The placement of the currency symbol.
static readonly CurrentDate The system date.
static readonly CustomDateFormat Project view custom date format. Used to format dates when DateFormat property is set to Custom.
static readonly DateFormat Project view date format.
static readonly DaysPerMonth The number of days per month.
static readonly DefaultFinishTime The default finish time of new tasks.
static readonly DefaultFixedCostAccrual The default type when fixed costs are accrued.
static readonly DefaultOvertimeRate The default overtime rate for new resources.
static readonly DefaultStandardRate The default standard rate for new resources.
static readonly DefaultStartTime The default start time of new tasks.
static readonly DefaultTaskEVMethod The default earned value method for tasks.
static readonly DefaultTaskType The default type of new tasks.
static readonly DurationFormat The format for expressing the bulk duration.
static readonly EarnedValueMethod The default method for calculating earned value.
static readonly ExtendedCreationDate Date used for calculation and reporting.
static readonly FinishDate The finish date of a project.
static readonly FiscalYearStart Determines whether the fiscal year numbering is used.
static readonly FyStartDate The month when fiscal year is starting.
static readonly Guid The GUID of the project.
static readonly HonorConstraints Determines whether tasks honor their constraint dates.
static readonly HyperlinkBase Project’s hyperlink base.
static readonly InsertedProjectsLikeSummary Determines whether subtasks are calculated as summary tasks.
static readonly KeepTaskOnNearestWorkingTimeWhenMadeAutoScheduled Determines whether manual tasks must be kept on nearest working time when made as auto scheduled.
static readonly Keywords Project’s keywords.
static readonly LastAuthor Project’s last author.
static readonly LastPrinted Project’s last print time. Saved in UTC format in mpp files. DateTime type.
static readonly LastSaved The date when a project was saved last time. Saved in UTC format in mpp files. DateTime type.
static readonly Manager The manager of a project.
static readonly MicrosoftProjectServerURL Determines whether a project was created by a Project Server user as opposed to an NT user.
static readonly MinutesPerDay The number of minutes per day.
static readonly MinutesPerWeek The number of minutes per week.
static readonly MoveCompletedEndsBack Determines whether the end of completed portions of tasks scheduled to start after the status date but started earlier should be moved back to the status date.
static readonly MoveCompletedEndsForward Determines whether the end of completed portions of tasks scheduled to have been completed before the status date but begun later should be moved up to the status date.
static readonly MoveRemainingStartsBack Determines whether the beginning of remaining portions of tasks scheduled to start after the status date but started earlier should be moved back to the status date.
static readonly MoveRemainingStartsForward Determines whether the beginning of remaining portions of tasks scheduled to have begun later should be moved up to the status date.
static readonly MultipleCriticalPaths Determines whether multiple critical paths are calculated.
static readonly Name The name of the project.
static readonly NewTasksAreManual Determines whether new tasks created as manual.
static readonly NewTasksEffortDriven Determines whether new tasks are effort driven.
static readonly NewTasksEstimated Determines whether an estimated duration is shown by default.
static readonly NewTaskStartDate The default start date type for new tasks.
static readonly ProjectExternallyEdited Determines whether the project was externally edited.
static readonly RemoveFileProperties Determines whether all file properties will be removed on save.
static readonly Revision The number of times a project was saved.
static readonly SaveVersion The version of Microsoft Office Project from which a project file was saved.
static readonly ScheduleFromStart Determines whether to calculate the project schedule forward from the start date.
static readonly ShowProjectSummaryTask Determines whether to display summary information about an entire project on a single row with its own summary task bar at the top of the Gantt Chart view.
static readonly SplitsInProgressTasks Determines whether in-progress tasks can be split.
static readonly SpreadActualCost Determines whether actual costs are spread to the status date.
static readonly SpreadPercentComplete Determines whether a percent complete is spread to the status date.
static readonly StartDate The start date of a project.
static readonly StatusDate the status date to display progress or to calculate earned value totals. The status date is the same as the current date (today’s date) unless a different status date is specified.
static readonly Subject The subject of a project.
static readonly TaskUpdatesResource Determines whether updates to tasks update resources.
static readonly Template Project’s template.
static readonly TimescaleFinish The date that the timescale in the view finishes.
static readonly TimescaleStart The date that the timescale in the view starts.
static readonly Title The title of a project.
static readonly Uid The unique Id of a project.
static readonly UpdateManuallyScheduledTasksWhenEditingLinks Determines whether manual tasks must be updated when links were edited.
static readonly WeekStartDay First day of a week.
static readonly WorkFormat The format used to show the duration of the task.


Shows how to read/write project name.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "Blank2010.mpp");

project.Set(Prj.Name, "Custom Project Name");

Console.WriteLine("Project name: " + project.Get(Prj.Name));

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