ResourceAssignment.TimephasedData property

Gets or sets the instance of TimephasedDataCollection class containing elements of TimephasedData class.

public TimephasedDataCollection TimephasedData { get; set; }


Shows how to read timephased data of a resource assignment.

var project = new Project(DataDir + "ReadWriteTimephasedData.mpp");
project.Set(Prj.StartDate, new DateTime(2013, 10, 30, 9, 0, 0));
project.Set(Prj.NewTasksAreManual, false);

var task = project.RootTask.Children.Add("Task");
task.Set(Tsk.Duration, project.GetDuration(6));

var rsc = project.Resources.Add("Rsc");
rsc.Set(Rsc.StandardRate, 10);
rsc.Set(Rsc.OvertimeRate, 15);

// Create resource assignment
var assn = project.ResourceAssignments.Add(task, rsc);
assn.Set(Asn.Stop, DateTime.MinValue);
assn.Set(Asn.Resume, DateTime.MinValue);
assn.Set(Asn.WorkContour, WorkContourType.BackLoaded);

// get timephased data
foreach (var td in assn.TimephasedData)

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