The Aspose.Words.Drawing.Charts namespace provides classes that allow to access charts in Microsoft Word documents.


Class Description
AxisBound Represents minimum or maximum bound of axis values.
AxisDisplayUnit Provides access to the scaling options of the display units for the value axis.
AxisScaling Represents the scaling options of the axis.
Chart Provides access to the chart shape properties.
ChartAxis Represents the axis options of the chart.
ChartDataLabel Represents data label on a chart point or trendline.
ChartDataLabelCollection Represents a collection of ChartDataLabel.
ChartDataPoint Allows to specify formatting of a single data point on the chart.
ChartDataPointCollection Represents collection of a ChartDataPoint.
ChartFormat Represents the formatting of a chart element.
ChartLegend Represents chart legend properties.
ChartLegendEntry Represents a chart legend entry.
ChartLegendEntryCollection Represents a collection of chart legend entries.
ChartMarker Represents a chart data marker.
ChartNumberFormat Represents number formatting of the parent element.
ChartSeries Represents chart series properties.
ChartSeriesCollection Represents collection of a ChartSeries.
ChartTitle Provides access to the chart title properties.


Interface Description
IChartDataPoint Contains properties of a single data point on the chart.


Enumeration Description
AxisBuiltInUnit Specifies the display units for an axis.
AxisCategoryType Specifies type of a category axis.
AxisCrosses Specifies the possible crossing points for an axis.
AxisScaleType Specifies the possible scale types for an axis.
AxisTickLabelPosition Specifies the possible positions for tick labels.
AxisTickMark Specifies the possible positions for tick marks.
AxisTimeUnit Specifies the unit of time for axes.
ChartAxisType Specifies type of chart axis.
ChartType Specifies type of a chart.
LegendPosition Specifies the possible positions for a chart legend.
MarkerSymbol Specifies marker symbol style.