The Aspose.Words.Fields namespace contains classes that represent Microsoft Word fields in a document.


Class Description
BarcodeParameters Container class for barcode parameters to pass-through to BarcodeGenerator.
ComparisonEvaluationResult The comparison evaluation result.
ComparisonExpression The comparison expression.
DropDownItemCollection A collection of strings that represent all the items in a drop-down form field.
Field Represents a Microsoft Word document field.
FieldAddIn Implements the ADDIN field.
FieldAddressBlock Implements the ADDRESSBLOCK field.
FieldAdvance Implements the ADVANCE field.
FieldArgumentBuilder Builds a complex field argument consisting of fields, nodes, and plain text.
FieldAsk Implements the ASK field.
FieldAuthor Implements the AUTHOR field.
FieldAutoNum Implements the AUTONUM field.
FieldAutoNumLgl Implements the AUTONUMLGL field.
FieldAutoNumOut Implements the AUTONUMOUT field.
FieldAutoText Implements the AUTOTEXT field.
FieldAutoTextList Implements the AUTOTEXTLIST field.
FieldBarcode Implements the BARCODE field.
FieldBibliography Implements the BIBLIOGRAPHY field.
FieldBidiOutline Implements the BIDIOUTLINE field.
FieldBuilder Builds a field from field code tokens (arguments and switches).
FieldChar Base class for nodes that represent field characters in a document.
FieldCitation Implements the CITATION field.
FieldCollection A collection of Field objects that represents the fields in the specified range.
FieldComments Implements the COMMENTS field.
FieldCompare Implements the COMPARE field.
FieldCreateDate Implements the CREATEDATE field.
FieldData Implements the DATA field.
FieldDatabase Implements the DATABASE field.
FieldDatabaseDataRow Provides data for the FieldDatabase field result.
FieldDatabaseDataTable Provides data for the FieldDatabase field result.
FieldDate Implements the DATE field.
FieldDde Implements the DDE field.
FieldDdeAuto Implements the DDEAUTO field.
FieldDisplayBarcode Implements the DISPLAYBARCODE field.
FieldDocProperty Implements the DOCPROPERTY field.
FieldDocVariable Implements DOCVARIABLE field.
FieldEditTime Implements the EDITTIME field.
FieldEmbed Implements the EMBED field.
FieldEnd Represents an end of a Word field in a document.
FieldEQ Implements the EQ field.
FieldFileName Implements the FILENAME field.
FieldFileSize Implements the FILESIZE field.
FieldFillIn Implements the FILLIN field.
FieldFootnoteRef Implements the FOOTNOTEREF field.
FieldFormat Provides typed access to field’s numeric, date and time, and general formatting.
FieldFormCheckBox Implements the FORMCHECKBOX field.
FieldFormDropDown Implements the FORMDROPDOWN field.
FieldFormText Implements the FORMTEXT field.
FieldFormula Implements the = (formula) field.
FieldGlossary Implements the GLOSSARY field.
FieldGoToButton Implements the GOTOBUTTON field.
FieldGreetingLine Implements the GREETINGLINE field.
FieldHyperlink Implements the HYPERLINK field
FieldIf Implements the IF field.
FieldImport Implements the IMPORT field.
FieldInclude Implements the INCLUDE field.
FieldIncludePicture Implements the INCLUDEPICTURE field.
FieldIncludeText Implements the INCLUDETEXT field.
FieldIndex Implements the INDEX field.
FieldInfo Implements the INFO field.
FieldKeywords Implements the KEYWORDS field.
FieldLastSavedBy Implements the LASTSAVEDBY field.
FieldLink Implements the LINK field.
FieldListNum Implements the LISTNUM field.
FieldMacroButton Implements the MACROBUTTON field.
FieldMergeBarcode Implements the MERGEBARCODE field.
FieldMergeField Implements the MERGEFIELD field.
FieldMergeRec Implements the MERGEREC field.
FieldMergeSeq Implements the MERGESEQ field.
FieldNext Implements the NEXT field.
FieldNextIf Implements the NEXTIF field.
FieldNoteRef Implements the NOTEREF field.
FieldNumChars Implements the NUMCHARS field.
FieldNumPages Implements the NUMPAGES field.
FieldNumWords Implements the NUMWORDS field.
FieldOcx Implements the OCX field.
FieldOptions Represents options to control field handling in a document.
FieldPage Implements the PAGE field.
FieldPageRef Implements the PAGEREF field.
FieldPrint Implements the PRINT field.
FieldPrintDate Implements the PRINTDATE field.
FieldPrivate Implements the PRIVATE field.
FieldQuote Implements the QUOTE field.
FieldRD Implements the RD field.
FieldRef Implements the REF field.
FieldRevNum Implements the REVNUM field.
FieldSaveDate Implements the SAVEDATE field.
FieldSection Implements the SECTION field.
FieldSectionPages Implements the SECTIONPAGES field.
FieldSeparator Represents a Word field separator that separates the field code from the field result.
FieldSeq Implements the SEQ field.
FieldSet Implements the SET field.
FieldShape Implements the SHAPE field.
FieldSkipIf Implements the SKIPIF field.
FieldStart Represents a start of a Word field in a document.
FieldStyleRef Implements the STYLEREF field.
FieldSubject Implements the SUBJECT field.
FieldSymbol Implements a SYMBOL field.
FieldTA Implements the TA field.
FieldTC Implements the TC field.
FieldTemplate Implements the TEMPLATE field.
FieldTime Implements the TIME field.
FieldTitle Implements the TITLE field.
FieldToa Implements the TOA field.
FieldToc Implements the TOC field.
FieldUnknown Implements an unknown or unrecognized field.
FieldUpdatingProgressArgs Provides data for the field updating progress event.
FieldUserAddress Implements the USERADDRESS field.
FieldUserInitials Implements the USERINITIALS field.
FieldUserName Implements the USERNAME field.
FieldXE Implements the XE field.
FormField Represents a single form field.
FormFieldCollection A collection of FormField objects that represent all the form fields in a range.
GeneralFormatCollection Represents a typed collection of general formats.
MergeFieldImageDimension Represents an image dimension (i.e. the width or the height) used across a mail merge process.
ToaCategories Represents a table of authorities categories.
UserInformation Specifies information about the user.


Interface Description
IBarcodeGenerator Public interface for barcode custom generator. Implementation should be provided by user.
IComparisonExpressionEvaluator When implemented, allows to override default comparison expressions evaluation for the FieldIf and FieldCompare fields.
IFieldDatabaseProvider Implement this interface to provide data for the FieldDatabase field when it’s updated.
IFieldResultFormatter Implement this interface if you want to control how the field result is formatted.
IFieldUpdateCultureProvider When implemented, provides a CultureInfo object that should be used during the update of a particular field.
IFieldUpdatingCallback Implement this interface if you want to have your own custom methods called during a field update.
IFieldUpdatingProgressCallback Implement this interface if you want to track field updating progress.
IFieldUserPromptRespondent Represents the respondent to user prompts during field update.


Enumeration Description
FieldIfComparisonResult Specifies the result of the IF field condition evaluation.
FieldIndexFormat Specifies the formatting for the FieldIndex fields in a document.
FieldType Specifies Microsoft Word field types.
FieldUpdateCultureSource Indicates what culture to use during field update.
GeneralFormat Specifies a general format that is applied to a numeric, text, or any field result. A field may have a combination of general formats.
MergeFieldImageDimensionUnit Specifies an unit of an image dimension (i.e. the width or the height) used across a mail merge process.
TextFormFieldType Specifies the type of a text form field.