The Aspose.Words.Layout namespace provides classes that allow to access information such as on what page and where on a page particular document elements are positioned, when the document is formatted into pages.


Class Description
LayoutCollector This class allows to compute page numbers of document nodes.
LayoutEnumerator Enumerates page layout entities of a document. You can use this class to walk over the page layout model. Available properties are type, geometry, text and page index where entity is rendered, as well as overall structure and relationships. Use combination of GetEntity and Current move to the entity which corresponds to a document node.
LayoutOptions Holds the options that allow controlling the document layout process.
PageLayoutCallbackArgs An argument passed into Notify
RevisionOptions Allows to control how document revisions are handled during layout process.


Interface Description
IPageLayoutCallback Implement this interface if you want to have your own custom method called during build and rendering of page layout model.


Enumeration Description
CommentDisplayMode Specifies the rendering mode for document comments.
ContinuousSectionRestart Represents different behaviors when computing page numbers in a continuous section that restarts page numbering.
LayoutEntityType Types of the layout entities.
PageLayoutEvent A code of event raised during page layout model build and rendering.
RevisionColor Allows to specify color of document revisions.
RevisionTextEffect Allows to specify decoration effect for revisions of document text.
ShowInBalloons Specifies which revisions are rendered in balloons.