The Aspose.Words.WebExtensions namespace provides classes that allow to customize elements and attributes that extend the XML vocabulary for representing Office Add-ins.


Class Description
BaseWebExtensionCollection<T> Base class for TaskPaneCollection, WebExtensionBindingCollection, WebExtensionPropertyCollection and WebExtensionReferenceCollection collections.
TaskPane Represents an add-in task pane object.
TaskPaneCollection Specifies a list of persisted task pane objects.
WebExtension Represents a web extension object.
WebExtensionBinding Specifies a binding relationship between a web extension and the data in the document.
WebExtensionBindingCollection Specifies a list of web extension bindings.
WebExtensionProperty Specifies a web extension custom property.
WebExtensionPropertyCollection Specifies a set of web extension custom properties.
WebExtensionReference Represents the reference to a web extension. The reference is used to identify the provider location and version of the extension.
WebExtensionReferenceCollection Specifies a list of web extension references.


Enumeration Description
TaskPaneDockState Enumerates available locations of task pane object.
WebExtensionBindingType Enumerates available types of binding between a web extension and the data in the document.
WebExtensionStoreType Enumerates available types of a web extension store.