MasterTheme class

Represents a master theme.

public class MasterTheme : Theme, IMasterTheme


Name Description
override ColorScheme { get; } Returns the color scheme. Read-only IColorScheme.
ExtraColorSchemes { get; } Returns the collection of additional color schemes. These schemes don’t affect presentation’s look, they can be selected as main color scheme for a slide. Read-only IExtraColorSchemeCollection.
override FontScheme { get; } Returns the font scheme. Read-only IFontScheme.
override FormatScheme { get; } Returns the shape format scheme. Read-only IFormatScheme.
Name { get; set; } Returns the name of a theme. Read/write String.
Presentation { get; } Returns the parent presentation. Read-only IPresentation.


Name Description
GetEffective() Gets effective theme data with the inheritance applied.

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