IBackground interface

Represents background of a slide.

public interface IBackground : IFillParamSource, ISlideComponent


Name Description
AsIFillParamSource { get; } Returns IFillParamSource interface. Read-only IFillParamSource.
AsISlideComponent { get; } Returns ISlideComponent interface. Read-only ISlideComponent.
EffectFormat { get; } Returns a EffectFormat for BackgroundType.OwnBackground fill. Read-only IEffectFormat.
FillFormat { get; } Returns a FillFormat for BackgroundType.OwnBackground fill. Read-only IFillFormat.
StyleColor { get; } Returns a ColorFormat for a BackgroundType.Themed fill. Read-only IColorFormat.
StyleIndex { get; set; } Returns an index of BackgroundType.Themed fill in background theme collection. 0 means no fill. 1..999 - index. Read/write UInt16.
Type { get; set; } Returns a type of background fill. Read/write BackgroundType.


Name Description
GetEffective() Gets effective background data with the inheritance applied.

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