ErrorBarsFormat class

Represents error bars of chart series. ErrorBars custom values are in IChartDataPointCollection (in ErrorBarsCustomValues property).

public class ErrorBarsFormat : DomObject<ChartSeries>, IErrorBarsFormat


Name Description
Chart { get; } Returns the parent chart. Read-only IChart.
Format { get; set; } Represents the format of the error bars. Read/write IFormat.
HasEndCap { get; set; } Specifies an end cap is not drawn on the error bars. Read/write Boolean.
IsVisible { get; set; } Gets or sets Error Bars visibility . Read/write Boolean.
Type { get; set; } Gets or sets type of error bars. Read/write ErrorBarType.
Value { get; set; } Gets or sets value which is used with Fixed, Percentage and StandardDeviation value types to determine the length of the error bars. In any other case will return NaN. Read/write Single.
ValueType { get; set; } Represents possible ways to determine the length of the error bars. In case of custom value type to specify value use ErrorBarsCustomValues property of specific data point in DataPoints collection of series. In case of Fixed, Percentage or StandardDeviation value type use Value property to specify value. Read/write ErrorBarValueType.

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