EventItem class

Encapsulates an event code. An EventItem element can trigger two kinds of actions: it can run an add-on, or it can send a notification of the event to the calling program.

public class EventItem


Name Description
EventItem() Constructor.


Name Description
Action { get; set; } Specifies the action code of the parent EventItem element.For an EventItem element to be saved in a DatadiagramML file, it must be persistable. Currently, the only valid action code a persistable event can have is 1 (ONEVENT_ACT_RUNADDON).
Enabled { get; set; } Represents a flag indicating if the event is enabled or disabled.
EventCode { get; set; } A code indicating the event that triggers the add-on. For more information on event codes, see Event Codes in the Microsoft Visio 2007 Automation Reference.
ID { get; set; } The ID of the event.
Target { get; set; } Specifies the target of an event.
TargetArgs { get; set; } Specifies a string containing arguments to be sent to the target of an event.

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