UnitFormulaErrV class

Specified attributes of an element.

public class UnitFormulaErrV : UnitFormulaErr


Name Description
UnitFormulaErrV(MeasureConst, string, string, string) Constructor.


Name Description
Err { get; set; } Indicates that the formula evaluates to an error.
F { get; set; } Represents the element’s formula.
Unit { get; set; } Units of measure.
V { get; set; } Represents the null string condition for a string cell value. In some cases it is helpful to distinguish between an empty string cell null and a null string cell value. This attribute is used to distinguish between these forms of an empty value.


Name Description
Clone() Creates deep copy of this instance. (2 methods)
override Equals(object) Are objects equal.
override GetHashCode() Serves as a hash function for a particular type.

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