FontConfigs class

Specifies font settings

public class FontConfigs


Name Description
FontConfigs() The default constructor.


Name Description
static DefaultFontName { get; set; } Gets or sets the default font name.
static PreferSystemFontSubstitutes { get; set; } Indicate whether to use system font substitutes first or not when a font is not presented and the substitute of this font is not set. e.g. On Ubuntu, “Arial” font is generally substituted by “Liberation Sans”. Default value is false.


Name Description
static GetFontSources() Gets a copy of the array that contains the list of sources
static GetFontSubstitutes(string) Returns array containing font substitute names to be used if original font is not presented.
static SetFontFolder(string, bool) Sets the fonts folder
static SetFontFolders(string[], bool) Sets the fonts folders
static SetFontSources(FontSourceBase[]) Sets the fonts sources.
static SetFontSubstitutes(string, string[]) Font substitute names for given original font name.

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