MasterShortcut class

Specifies a master shortcut defined in the document.

public class MasterShortcut


Name Description
MasterShortcut() Constructor.


Name Description
AlignName { get; set; } Specifies whether the element’s text in the stencil window is aligned left, right, or center.
Icon { get; set; } Specifies a MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) encoded binary icon (in .ico format) for a Master or MasterShortcut element in a document.
IconSize { get; set; } The size of the element’s icon.
ID { get; set; } The unique ID of the element within its parent element.
Name { get; set; } The name of the element.
NameU { get; set; } The universal name of the element.
PatternFlags { get; set; } Determines whether a master behaves as a custom pattern.
Prompt { get; set; } The status bar and tool tip prompt for the element.
ShortcutHelp { get; set; } A help string for the element.
ShortcutURL { get; set; } A URL to a MasterShortcut element. If this attribute is present, this MasterShortcut element is a shortcut.

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