FileFormatType enumeration

Enumerates spreadsheet file format types

public enum FileFormatType


Name Value Description
VDX 0 MS Visio VDX xml format.
VSD 1 MS Visio VSD binary format.
VSX 2 MS Visio VSX xml stencil format.
VSS 3 MS Visio VSS binary stencil format.
VTX 4 MS Visio VTX xml template format.
VST 5 MS Visio VST binary template format.
VDW 6 MS Visio VDW web drawing format.
VSDX 7 MS Visio 2013 VSDX file format.
VSTX 8 MS Visio 2013 VSTX Template file format.
VSSX 9 MS Visio 2013 VSSX file format.
CSV 10 Represents a CSV file. The file format is not supported Only for detecting file type.
Xlsx 11 Represents an xlsx file.
Xlsm 12 Represents an xlsm file which enable macros.
Xltx 13 Represents a template xltx file.
Xltm 14 Represents a macro-enabled template xltm file.
Xlam 15 Represents a addinMacro-enabled template xltm file.
TabDelimited 16 Represents a tab delimited text file.
Html 17 Represents a html file.
ODS 18 Represents a ods file.
Excel97To2003 19 Represents an Excel97-2003 xls file.
Excel2003XML 20 Represents an Excel 2003 xml file.
Xlsb 21 Represents an xlsb file.
Unknown 255 Represents unrecognized format, cannot be loaded.
Pdf 22 Represents a Pdf file.
XPS 23 Represents an XPS file.
TIFF 24 Represents a TIFF file.
SVG 25 Represents a svg file.
Docx 26 Represents a docx file.
Dif 27 Data Interchange Format.
Doc 28 Represents a doc file.
Ppt 29 Represents a ppt file.
MapiMessage 30 Represents a email file.
MSEquation 31 Represents the MS Equation 3.0 object.
Ole10Native 32 Represents the embedded native object.
Docm 33 Represents a docm file.
Dotx 34 Represents a dotx file.
Dotm 35 Represents a dotm file.
Pptm 36 Represents a pptm file.
Potx 37 Represents a Potx file.
Potm 38 Represents a Potm file.
Ppsx 39 Represents a ppsx file.
Ppsm 40 Represents a ppsm file.
Ooxml 41 Represents office open xml file(such as xlsx, docx,pptx, etc).
VSDM 42 MS Visio 2013 VSDM file format.
VSSM 43 MS Visio 2013 VSSM file format.
VSTM 44 MS Visio 2013 VSTM file format.
XML 45 Represents an simple xml file.
SLDX 46 Represents a sldx file.
Pptx 47 Represents a pptx file.

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